18 Feb 2018
RCR Museum

***Important Notice***
The RCR Museum provides a valuable service to Canada, London and The Regiment. They urgently require volunteers to man the front desk for only three hours a week. They are in desperate need of people especially during the summer months. For further information and contact personnel please visit the following link:


PDF Edition of the 2017 Veterans Benefits Guide
A user-friendly publication designed to help veterans get the benefits they deserve.

Budget 2017 includes a number of items of direct interest to members of the Defence Team.

Among them:

  • The creation of a new Veterans’ Education and Training Benefit to provide up to $80,000 to veterans in support of post-secondary education.
  • Re-establishing lifelong pensions as an option for injured veterans. This will provide an option for injured veterans to receive their Disability Award through a monthly payment for life, rather than in a one-time payment.
  • Undertaking a transformation of both DND and Veterans Affairs Canada programs to ensure that women and men in uniform have a better transition from the Canadian Armed Forces to Veterans Affairs Canada.

    The Budget also reaffirmed the following:

  • In support of the Government’s plan to replace Canada’s legacy fleet of CF-18 fighter aircraft, it will explore the acquisition of 18 new Super Hornet aircraft to supplement the CF-18s until the permanent replacement arrives.
  • A Canada-led multinational NATO battlegroup in Latvia as part of the Alliance’s enhanced Forward Presence in Eastern Europe, and a renewal of Operation UNIFIER, its support for Ukraine’s efforts to maintain sovereignty, security and stability.
  • A commitment to international peace operations. Up to 600 well-trained Canadian military personnel have been pledged for possible deployment as part of a broader whole-of-government approach that includes political, security, development and humanitarian responses to conflict situations.
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Regimental News

The RCR Catechism 2017

Follow the link below for the latest copy of the RCR Catechism:

The RCR Catechism 2017

Subject: Change in wearing of miniatures

There was a relatively recent change that occurred in 2013, though it took a while to be promulgated. Perhaps you had already learned this ... I have only recently.

The Chancellery updated their booklet on how to wear your gongs. Prior to this miniatures were limited to evening dress and Mess Dress. Now they are worn with business suit or blazer and flannels to events commencing after sundown.


Full-size insignia are worn for all occasions before sundown and sometimes in the evening for certain occasions: Parades and other military ceremonies: change of command, consecration of colours, graduations, military funerals, etc. Remembrance Day and any other commemorative ceremonies
The Speech from the Throne
State funerals
New Year’s Levee
Investitures (presentation of honours ceremonies)
Guide for the Wearing of Orders, Decorations and Medals ... gg.ca The Canadian Honours System Guide for the Wearing of Orders, Decorations and Medals

From the Commanding Officer, 4RCR

The RCR Association

Paadeberg Luncheon and Annual Meeting


There will be an London Branch, The Royal Canadian Regiment Association, Annual General Meeting starting at 11:00 hours, prior to the Lunch.


  1. Paardeberg Day Celebration
  2. Tuesday, February 27, 2018
  3. Victory Branch #317 Legion,
    311 Oakland Ave, London ON N5W 4J5
    11:30 hrs for 1200hrs (noon)
  4. Dress: Blazer or Business Casual

From: 4RCR Council President
LCol (ret'd) Barry Graham

Passing of Doris Soper, wife of Tom Soper of Port Stanley - 15 Mar 18 - celebration of life at a later date.

135th Anniversary Reunion of the Royal Canadian Regiment

From our Branch in Kingston. Please pass the word. This event is open to all serving and retired Royal Canadians. As well, anyone who has served with the Regiment regardless of cap badge, is invited to attend. Note the link to the Facebook page.

"Kingston Branch of the RCR Association will be hosting the 135th Anniversary Reunion of the Royal Canadian Regiment in Kingston, Ontario 3-5 August 2018. The link to our Reunion Facebook page is attached. Our Reunion Organizing Committee is formed under Kingston Branch President Rusty Bassarab and lots of work is already underway. Please "like" our FB page, which will later be one of the portals for information and will include links to other useful sources. We hope that you will join us for a great event. Pro Patria."


Pro Patria

Bob McBride Chairman, National Board of Directors The RCR Association

The Victory Legion

Retired Members News

Hey all and Happy new Year!
Had a good visit with Bruce last week. He has had his 6th ( (?) Chemotherapy treatment and is in great spirits. Hope all is well.
Mike Stapleton

Follow-up to Mike's note:
Bruce phoned last night about his latest diagnosis.
one of the tumor areas has noticeably decreased since chemo started.
the other tumor area is the same size, but not larger......they will work on that area with the next chemo session.
All: Happy New Year;
John Cook

LOB's (in hospital)

Recent Passings