16 Jan 2019

RCR Museum

***Important Notice***
The RCR Museum provides a valuable service to Canada, London and The Regiment. They urgently require volunteers to man the front desk for only three hours a week. They are in desperate need of people especially during the summer months. For further information and contact personnel please visit the following link:


PDF Edition of the 2017 Veterans Benefits Guide
A user-friendly publication designed to help veterans get the benefits they deserve.

Regimental News

The RCR Catechism 2017

Follow the link below for the latest copy of the RCR Catechism:

The RCR Catechism 2017

Subject: Change in wearing of miniatures

There was a relatively recent change that occurred in 2013, though it took a while to be promulgated. Perhaps you had already learned this ... I have only recently.

The Chancellery updated their booklet on how to wear your gongs. Prior to this miniatures were limited to evening dress and Mess Dress. Now they are worn with business suit or blazer and flannels to events commencing after sundown.


Full-size insignia are worn for all occasions before sundown and sometimes in the evening for certain occasions: Parades and other military ceremonies: change of command, consecration of colours, graduations, military funerals, etc. Remembrance Day and any other commemorative ceremonies
The Speech from the Throne
State funerals
New Year’s Levee
Investitures (presentation of honours ceremonies)
Guide for the Wearing of Orders, Decorations and Medals ... gg.ca The Canadian Honours System Guide for the Wearing of Orders, Decorations and Medals

From the Commanding Officer, 4RCR

(rec'd 2100hrs 07 Dec) First, Royal Hoot will be conducted in Stratford on 8 Dec 2018. The reason for the lateness of this invitation is due to changes to NPF and provision of the dinner to non-military members. For those that wish to attend, you will be required to pay $30 for the meal. If you wish to attend please RSVP to 2Lt Billingsley NLT 071400Dec2018. Dress is Regimental Blazer and tie for retired members, those still serving can wear DEU. Please arrive NLT 1730 at the Stratford Armouries.

I also wish to pass on the details for the visitation and funeral of Col Brock Millman whose death was a blow for members of 4 RCR, The Regiment, Western University and indeed all those that knew him. I can say, for me personally, this was a heartfelt loss as it was Col Millman who assisted and mentored me at UWO as I was looking to join the CF and in turn The RCR. The visitation will be held on 9 Dec 1400-1600 and 1900-2100 at Williams Funeral Home 45 Elgin Street, St Thomas. The funeral will be held on 10 Dec at 1300, at Trinity Anglican Church, 55 Southwick St, St Thomas.

Lastly, please find attached the invitation for the Regimental Birthday Dinner, which I am sure that you have received at this point.

The 135th Regimental Anniversary Dinner Invitation

The RCR Association


(link to the Plan)

4RCR Council Report
From: LCol(ret'd)Barry Graham

65th Anniversary Reunion

Although I'm not involved this time around, plans have begun, under the tutelage of Gary Willaert, for a 65th anniversary reunion next year. I can only guess it will be in the same time-frame as the last one, that is early October. Since the WOs' & Sgts' Mess is no longer available the venue remains cloudy. The London Branch of the Assn has been holding their functions at the Victory Legion (Dundas and Florence area).

More to follow when there's more to follow.

Abandoning the tribe: The psychology behind why veterans struggle to transition to civilian life

A good read for all Former Serving Members.

The Victory Legion

Regimental Birthday Luncheon

Victory Branch 311 Oakland Ave.,
will host an RCR Regimental Birthday lucheon on Dec 21st, at 1130 for 1200hrs.
No cost for PUM's.

Retired Members Update

From: LCol (ret'd) John Cook, CD


LOB's (in hospital)


Recent Passings

A stirring tribute "Hometown Battlefield" by J.P. Cormier

Col Brock Millman

Visitation: 9 Dec 2018 at 1400-1600hrs and 1900-2100hrs at Williams Funeral Home, 45 Elgin Street, St Thomas.

Funeral: 10 Dec2018 at 1300hrs at Trinity Anglican Church, 55 Southwick Street, St Thomas.


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