17 May 2019

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The RCR Museum provides a valuable service to Canada, London and The Regiment. They urgently require volunteers to man the front desk for only three hours a week. They are in desperate need of people especially during the summer months. For further information and contact personnel please visit the following link:


PDF Edition of the 2017 Veterans Benefits Guide
A user-friendly publication designed to help veterans get the benefits they deserve.

Regimental News

The RCR Catechism 2017

Follow the link below for the latest copy of the RCR Catechism:

The RCR Catechism 2017

Subject: Change in wearing of miniatures

There was a relatively recent change that occurred in 2013, though it took a while to be promulgated. Perhaps you had already learned this ... I have only recently.

The Chancellery updated their booklet on how to wear your gongs. Prior to this miniatures were limited to evening dress and Mess Dress. Now they are worn with business suit or blazer and flannels to events commencing after sundown.


Full-size insignia are worn for all occasions before sundown and sometimes in the evening for certain occasions: Parades and other military ceremonies: change of command, consecration of colours, graduations, military funerals, etc. Remembrance Day and any other commemorative ceremonies
The Speech from the Throne
State funerals
New Year’s Levee
Investitures (presentation of honours ceremonies)
Guide for the Wearing of Orders, Decorations and Medals ... gg.ca The Canadian Honours System Guide for the Wearing of Orders, Decorations and Medals

From the Commanding Officer, 4RCR

The RCR Association


(link to the Plan)

4RCR Council Report
From: LCol(ret'd)Barry Graham

65th Anniversary Reunion

Although I'm not involved this time around, plans have begun, under the tutelage of Gary Willaert, for a 65th anniversary reunion next year. I can only guess it will be in the same time-frame as the last one, that is early October. Since the WOs' & Sgts' Mess is no longer available the venue remains cloudy. The London Branch of the Assn has been holding their functions at the Victory Legion (Dundas and Florence area).

More to follow when there's more to follow.

Abandoning the tribe: The psychology behind why veterans struggle to transition to civilian life

A good read for all Former Serving Members.

The Victory Legion

Paardeberg Luncheon

Victory Branch 311 Oakland Ave.,London, ON
will host a Paardeberg Luncheon on Feb 27th, at 1200 hrs following the AGM at 1100 hrs.
cost: 20.00

Retired Members Update

8:47 AM (3 hours ago)

Lois Boon

CWO(ret'd) Art Boon's wife Lois passed away yesterday (Thu Feb 14.) She had been suffering with Alzheimers. Obit on W.G. Young -

https://wgyoungfuneralhome.com/2019/02/lois-boon/ O

From: LCol (ret'd) John Cook, CD

Hello All;

Over Christmas and last month I've had the pleasure of hearing from a number of you (specifically notes from: Bill Russell, John Heddle, Joe K from Thailand, Dave Bell, Jane Fullick & Bruce Jeffery). (in addition, I hear from Jim Zeigler & Helen Heddle in "appreciated" general distribution emails regularly). I thought I'd share some of what they wrote to our Group:

The important comments from each of their messages:

John Heddle:
"my daughter (Catalina) is affecting me very much. She spent 3 weeks in January, in Hospital, She was in the Cardiac Care Unit and diagnosed with 'pulmonary hypertension'. She had a blot clot in her heart and this greatly affected her lungs. She is out of Hospital and resting at home"

From Jane Fullick:
"John’s condition is very slowly deteriorating, but he was officially added to the liver transplant list in Ontario just before Christmas. Now we wait (could be 2 months, could be 2 years)"

From Dave Bell:
"I'm hanging in there despite the bitter cold last several days. About a year ago the specialist in London put me on a couple of new puffers and medications that have been just marvelous. No longer on oxygen or gasping for breath, but still can't chase after the girls. "


Other Updates;
Bruce Jeffrey's last cat scan:
His cancer tumor has grown 1 centimeter BUT his Doctor is happy with his overall health.

Bill Russell:
His physical health is worsening BUT he continues to "soldier on". Please connect with our old friend Bill (his email is in the FMList).

Joe K. ends his regards to all. He has purchased a place in Thailand, where he winters annually.

All; please stay well!


LOB's (in hospital)

Sent: May 21, 2019 10:57 AM To: beth sayler; dl67riley@gmail.com; johnandglad@rogers.com; brian.colgate@queensu.ca Subject: Fw: SITREP on Capt Sherry Atkinson (ret'd)

From: Gary Willaert Sent: May 21, 2019 9:53 AM To: Gary O'Brien; Mike & Pat Stapleton; John Mombourquette; Graham Barry Subject: Fw: SITREP on Capt Sherry Atkinson (ret'd)

FYI. See below.

----- Forwarded Message ----- From: Donald Denne To: Gary Willaert ; Duncan McMillan ; Andrew Butters Sent: Tuesday, May 21, 2019, 09:41:17 a.m. EDT Subject: Fw: SITREP on Capt Sherry Atkinson (ret'd)

Boys, just to keep you in the loop.

I suspect Sherry has not long to live as he is heavily sedated and permanently confined to his bed - but he is a pretty tough old crow. Things just do not look good right now and I suspect he will not recover.

Hardy Wheeler, President of the Windsor-Essex Branch of the Assn, visited with Sherry and Sue yesterday and had pretty much the same assessment as me.

Best regards to you all - safe travels Andrew.


From: Donald Denne Sent: May 20, 2019 5:59 PM To: James Cox; THOMPSON Denis; MacINNIS Jim; Alexander McQUARRIE; NEAR Bob; REID Rick; SIMMS Jim; DAVIS Jim; ELMS Geordie; RILEY Don; THOMSON Jim Cc: TIMOTHY.ROBINSON@forces.gc.ca; Phil Berthiaume; WHEELER Hardy; Devlin, Peter Subject: SITREP on Capt Sherry Atkinson (ret'd)

Good day to you all and Happy Victoria Day.

My wife Angela and I visited with Sherry, his wife Susan and his daughter Valerie yesterday afternoon, Sunday, 19 May at the Chatham-Kent Hospital. Sherry has been moved to a private room, B-418.

I learned a great deal about Sherry yesterday including the extent of some of his wartime injuries and the fact he has eight children and 30 Great-grandchildren! Susan tells me that they believe he is the last surviving member of The Regiment who hit the beaches at Pachino on 10 July 1943. Amazing!

My observations are that he is truly not doing well and the family tells me he is steadily declining. He cannot stand and therefore is pretty much confined to his bed now. When we entered the room and Susan alerted Sherry to our presence, he appeared to recognize me and greeted me with a solid handshake. His left eye is completely closed but his right still seems to function well. He is very frail and tired. He has trouble communicating, which he clearly wants to do, but when he does, he is largely incoherent seemingly reliving a wartime experience of some sort.

Susan has stated that if Sherry leaves the hospital, it will be to go to a local hospice as the Doctors agree that he now requires full time care and supervision. If this happens, Susan thinks it will be sometime this week.

I'd recommend that if anyone wishes to visit Sherry, they should do so sooner rather than later. I will stay in touch with Susan, track Sherry's progress and keep you all in the loop.

Best regards to all,


From: Donald Denne Sent: May 18, 2019 3:09 PM To: James Cox; THOMPSON Denis; MacINNIS Jim; Alexander McQUARRIE; NEAR Bob; REID Rick; SIMMS Jim; DAVIS Jim; ELMS Geordie; RILEY Don; THOMSON Jim Cc: TIMOTHY.ROBINSON@forces.gc.ca; Phil Berthiaume; WHEELER Hardy; Devlin, Peter Subject: Re: Capt Sherry Atkinson (ret'd)

Jim et al,

BLUF: Capt (ret'd) Sherry Atkinson is currently in the Chatham-Kent hospital and according to his wife Susan, he's not doing well.

Susan Atkinson graciously returned my call yesterday evening and we chatted for a while. I was able to glean the following: Sherry is indeed in the Chatham-Kent Hospital, 4th Floor, Room B-431. At this stage, he is taking visitors. He is not at all well, but that doesn't mean he's leaving this temporal plane any time soon - more on that later. He has had a general and gradual decline in his health over the past couple of years but this is to be expected. He is 97 years of age and will be 98 this October. That said, his deterioration seems to have accelerated since a trip to Arizona last year (I believe). Sherry's main issue now, other than a collapsed lung and a couple of other internal issues, is one dementia. I suspect that condition coupled with a general lack of mobility this has made him a bit irritable. Susan described his disposition as characterized by "an increase in agitation and anger." She said that he's "just lying in his hospital bed doped up", and sometimes he does not even recognize Susan. He does talk a lot about his military days and in Susan's words, "is reliving his service years". He is quite obviously fond of them and what he had whilst in the service of Queen and country. Susan believes that if he does make it out of the hospital, Sherry will require some sort of full time care as she is no longer capable of looking after him to the extend required. In fact, she has been providing 24/7 nursing to Sherry by herself for months now. Susan tells me that Sherry's affairs are largely in order should he pass. I will be keeping a close eye on this as things progress for there will be a Regimental Association presence at whatever service Sherry has requested. Susan mentioned that despite they live closer to Chatham, based upon a number of considerations Sherry wants a memorial service right here in London. I asked Susan what we can do to help her. She simply replied, "Pray." She did mention that Walt Holmes had already been in touch with her and that she appreciated the kind gesture. Susan has given me the green light to relay anything I desired from our conversation. I have included just about everything and though I have done that with this group, I would recommend that given the personal nature of some of the information provided above, we both limit further distribution and detail.

I intend to visit Sherry in Chatham tomorrow afternoon. That will give me a chance to gain more information and hopefully, link with Susan in person, and will stay in touch with her. I'll send out another SITREP late tomorrow afternoon or early evening.

Meantime, I hope this information helps. Best regards to all; I hope you're all enjoying a relaxing Victoria Day weekend,

Don Denne

From: James Cox Sent: May 17, 2019 4:11 PM To: THOMPSON Denis; MacINNIS Jim; Alexander McQUARRIE; NEAR Bob; REID Rick; SIMMS Jim; DAVIS Jim; ELMS Geordie; RILEY Don; THOMSON Jim Cc: DENNE Don Subject: Fwd: Capt Sherry Atkinson (ret'd)

Gentlemen, The note from the RM below describes the unfortunate condition of Sherry Atkinson. I ask that the Home Station and London Branch check on Sherry and keep us informed of his circumstances. Pro Patria Jim (iPhone)

Begin forwarded message:

From: Date: May 17, 2019 at 12:02:32 EDT To: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Cc: Subject: Capt Sherry Atkinson (ret'd)


I received this informatio?n this morning from the Executive Director of the Museum regarding the health of Capt (ret'd) Sherry Atkinson our known remaining Sicily veteran.

Susan Atkinson has called this morning to inform us that Sherry is admitted in Chatham hospital for a week or so. He is not doing well, diagnosed with advanced dementia. He can’t walk anymore and his condition aggravated rapidly over the last week.

Susan requested that I pass on the message to The RCR, she can be contacted at home phone#519.674.5717 or cell phone# 519.685.5950.?

Thank you,


Major Tim Robinson Regimental Major, The Royal Canadian Regiment (The RCR) Regimental Headquarters Department of National Defence / Government of Canada Timothy.Robinson@forces.gc.ca Tel: 613-687-5511 extension 4350 Cell: 613-281-6714

Major Tim Robinson major du regiment, The Royal Canadian Regiment (The RCR) Quartier général régimentaire Ministrere de la Défence national / Gouvernement du Canada Timothy.Robinson@forces.gc.ca tél: 613-687-5511 extension 4350 cel: 613-281-6714

... [Message clipped] View entire message

Subject: Sherry Atkinson

Importance: High

Hello, everyone.

Susan Atkinson has called this morning to inform us that Sherry is admitted in Chatham hospital for a week or so. He is not doing well, diagnosed with advanced dementia. He can’t walk anymore and his condition aggravated rapidly over the last week.

Susan requested that I pass on the message to The RCR, she can be contacted at home phone# 519.674.5717 or cell phone# 519.685.5950.

Thank you,

Georgiana Stanciu, PhD
Executive Director / Directrice
Musée du Royal Canadian Regiment Museum
519.660.5275 ext. 5015

Recent Passings

A stirring tribute "Hometown Battlefield" by J.P. Cormier

Bartley, Peter

Peter put the silver in 'silver lining'. He was a family man, entrepreneur, Australian and Canadian army reservist, waterskier, hunter, handyman, and woodworker. He died an octogenarian on Friday the 3rd of May, 2019. He will be missed and prayed for by his wife Mary, his family, and his friends.

Peter, son of Charles Henry Bartley and Jean Sylvia Bartley (née Lynch), was the husband of Mary Therese Bartley, née Healy. He was the father of Gabriel Marie Davids, née Bartley (Gregory Edward Davids), Andrew Mark Bartley (Corinne Christine Walsh), Justin Peter Bartley, and Rev. Ross Michael Bartley. He was the grandfather of Rin Clare Bartley, and the late Teresa Marie Bartley. He was the brother of the late Kevin Francis Bartley (Dawn Margaret Bartley, née Thurkett), and Irene Elizabeth Batini, née Bartley (Francis Edward Batini).

Peter was born in Perth Western Australia on the 16th of January, 1939. He was educated at Christian Brothers College in Perth from 1948 until 1956, followed by studies at the University of Western Australia. He later qualified as a radiotherapy technician and worked at Royal Perth Hospital in Western Australia until 1964.

Having met in 1959 at a Young Christian Workers dance at St. Benedict's Parish in Applecross, W.A., Peter and Mary married at St. Kieran's Parish, Osborne Park, W.A., in 1964. They left Australia for a two-year working holiday and have lived in Canada ever since. They have lived fully and lovingly their vocation as spouses, parents and grandparents, attending concerts, camps, and convocations, hosting parties and excursions, teaching driving, handiwork, maths, and taxes, and showing their kids the world, from the sunburnt country down under to the snowy country we now call home.

Peter worked at the Ontario Cancer Foundation in London Ontario from 1965 to 1968. In 1969, Peter and Mary established a family business, Bartley Silver Company Inc., which thrived for five decades. BSC served hospitals and clinics throughout southern Ontario, recovering silver from X-Ray chemicals and products using an electrolytic process.

In 1958, Peter started his five-year compulsory military training, part of National Service in Australia, and served part-time for nine years in the Australian Army. Afterwards, he joined the Canadian Army Reserve and remained with the Canadian Forces, rising to the rank of captain. For his years of service to the Queen, he earned the Canadian Forces' Decoration (CD). He was the last President of the London United Services Institute (LUSI) in 1998, and the first President of the Royal London Military Institute (RLMI) in 1999.

Peter died peacefully in London Ontario after three months at Victoria Hospital, and two weeks on the Palliative Care Unit at Parkwood Institute. He was thankful for the Canadian health care system, and grateful for the compassionate care he received.

Friends are invited to gather at St. John the Divine Catholic Parish, 390 Base Line Road West, in London, Ontario, on Thursday the 9th of May, 2019. We will begin with visitation in the narthex at 11 a.m. And offer the Funeral Mass at noon. Lunch, and a eulogy by Andrew, will be in the parish hall immediately after Mass. Later that afternoon, the interment will be in the family plot in the St. Leonard's Section of St. Peter's Cemetery, accessed via the gate on the west side of Barker Street, between Victoria and Huron Streets, London.

Thank you for your prayer for Peter, and for your prayer, consolation, and good wishes for our family. Donations are welcome in memory of Peter to St. John the Divine Catholic Parish in London, or to Parkwood Palliative Care Program, or to the charity of your choice.
Published on May 7, 2019

From Brian Colgate

I’m not sure if all of you knew Peter …

I remember when Peter, in his Aussie uniform and slouch hat, arrived at the then 3rd Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment, attached from the Australian Army. He has been a presence in The Regiment ever since and he will be missed.

Requiescat in pace, Peter. A life well lived.

From Walter Holmes

In reply to Brian Colgate's email announcing Peter's passing I said the following:

Well said Brian.

I remember Peter well from our days with him in 3 RCR and the fun he added to all that he/we did. Despite his encouragement, and to his dismay, few of us learned how to toss the bomerang. I enjoyed the many opportunities we had to chat during my visits to the then Home Station over the years. He remained a proud and active Royal Canadian. Mary was always a delight as well.

May Peter rest in peace.

Pro Patria,