13 Oct 2018
RCR Museum

***Important Notice***
The RCR Museum provides a valuable service to Canada, London and The Regiment. They urgently require volunteers to man the front desk for only three hours a week. They are in desperate need of people especially during the summer months. For further information and contact personnel please visit the following link:


PDF Edition of the 2017 Veterans Benefits Guide
A user-friendly publication designed to help veterans get the benefits they deserve.

Regimental News

The RCR Catechism 2017

Follow the link below for the latest copy of the RCR Catechism:

The RCR Catechism 2017

Subject: Change in wearing of miniatures

There was a relatively recent change that occurred in 2013, though it took a while to be promulgated. Perhaps you had already learned this ... I have only recently.

The Chancellery updated their booklet on how to wear your gongs. Prior to this miniatures were limited to evening dress and Mess Dress. Now they are worn with business suit or blazer and flannels to events commencing after sundown.


Full-size insignia are worn for all occasions before sundown and sometimes in the evening for certain occasions: Parades and other military ceremonies: change of command, consecration of colours, graduations, military funerals, etc. Remembrance Day and any other commemorative ceremonies
The Speech from the Throne
State funerals
New Year’s Levee
Investitures (presentation of honours ceremonies)
Guide for the Wearing of Orders, Decorations and Medals ... gg.ca The Canadian Honours System Guide for the Wearing of Orders, Decorations and Medals

From the Commanding Officer, 4RCR


The RCR Association


(link to the Plan)

4RCR Council President Report
From: LCol(ret'd)Barry Graham

The Victory Legion

Kowang San Celebration Luncheon
October 23rd, 2018

From: LCol (ret'd) John Cook, CD 

Lunch served at 1200hrs (noon)
Blazer or Business Casual

Kwong San History

Retired Members Update

From: LCol (ret'd) John Cook, CD

HI Again All;

Just a couple of updates from my first note (also attached).

  1. We are a year away since the half decade mark since our last 3/4 RCR Reunion. Discussions have started for this 2019 event. I am not on the Planning Committee for this 2019 Reunion, as I was for the 2014 Event....but an educated guess would be mid October 2019....RV. the Sgts Mess.
  2. It appears that I have the wrong email address for Gary Campbell, Chuck McDermid & Bill Barnard will anyone help with this??
  3. Finally, I received emails from 4 of our Group after my previous SITREP:
Tom Soper (Captain in Tango Coy.) sent the following : offered to give us a little background on what has transpired since last we met.

I retired from teaching in Stratford in 1987 and moved to our cottage in the Bayfield. Doris and I travelled quite a bit -to all U.S. States except Alaska; Cuba, England to do some geneological digging. Holland, France, Italy - all with the Perth Regiment Vets and Germany to watch one of our grandsons play hockey. (EDITOR'S NOTE: Tom is now living in Port Stanley)

Of course being true Canadians and just loving our great winters, we have spent quite a bit of time in Florida and Texas.

We moved to London in 1998 and then to Port Stanley in 2013 where I still reside. Doris passed away In March of this year after a lengthy illness with lung problems. Ironically, she never smoked a day in her life, nor have I.

My health has been good until three months ago when I was diagnosed with blood clots which I am managing with meds, We are of to Florida again for two months, Jan. and Feb. At least I think I am. We have reservations in a condo in Panama City Beaches and with today's news of a Cat 4 hurricane to strike today maybe the condo will not still be there.

I still reminesce about my time in the Fourth Bn.of Canada's finest Regiment, the R.C.R.

John Pullman has moved to Napanee and enjoying the retired life off of Hay Bay. Bev Sesink commented: Grant Moore and myself this past Thursday visited the RCR Museum and 4 RCR HQ. We're both doing well with Grant semi-retired in Toronto and myself carrying on as a pastor in Edmonton...........Bev's & Grant's picture is attached at the bottom

Roy Goldik, like many, is retired and happily enjoying his Grand Kids.

Hope to see many of you at the Kowang San Celebration Luncheon, October 23rd, 2018
Pro Patria:

Hello "Whiskey Company & Associates; (I hope that I didn't miss anyone) I've heard from a number of you in the last month or so and I thought I'd share some of their comments with you all.

  • John Heddle said hello and was commiserating that we are NOT 19 any more.
  • Shortly afterwards, I heard from Larry Porter that Jack Discoll just celebrated his 70th birthday....Belated, Happy Birthday Jack! Larry is enjoying life and his first Grandson.
  • Bill Russell says that is getting along..... but no more route marches. He is helping to raise an 11yr old family member.
  • Joe Kowalewski has bought a home in London and soon off to Thailand for the winter.
  • Sammy Carr reports: "I am still above ground , I have had two TIA;S everything is ok , trouble with my feet , diabetic neuropathy, ".........."Keep hanging in Sammy!!"
  • Helen Heddle broke her wrist and has now had 3 casts on her wrist......sounds like you did a number on your wrist Helen.
  • As I reported earlier, Bruce Jeffery's cancer tumour has decreased in size....thanks to the second last round of chemo. Unfortunately, he has a smaller tumour on top of the original one. He has just finished another round of chemo, which his Doctors are feeling positive about. His next Scan is in 2 weeks time...Good Luck Bruce!
  • I saw John Fullick recently.....in general he looks good but a little portly (like some of us, he has trouble seeing his feet) Emoji:). He is still is not on the transplant list, but we are all hoping that will happen soon. Unfortunately, I've just hear from John's Wife Jane that John now has a malignant tumour on his liver. A follow up CT scan is being ordered for October....All the very best of luck John!
  • I heard from Perry Gosso. He reports that "he is not 6 feet under" and may be coming to the Kowang San luncheon on October 23rd.
  • Our Friend Dave Bell reports "I am doing quite well with the medication they have me on now, As long as I can keep pneumonia away from the door, I think I will be able to handle the COPD quite well."
  • Joe Bennett is now on Oxygen
  • I think that Mike Stapleton is off to Ireland again shortly.
  • I hear from Jim Ziegler fairly frequently via email.
  • Joe Hleba looks well and enjoying his Grand kids.
  • Gary O'Brien has also retired and has moved from Montreal back to London.
That is all that I have for now.
I would like to hear from all of you on this list.

Well it is time for this one eyed, one fingered typist to close this off.

Pro Patria;
Old Soldier Helpers:
1: The hands of THOR

and 2: ban mirrors in your house (it is less scary)

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